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This journal is friends locked.

Since this is my personal journal, it is friends-only. My friending policy is friend me and I'll most likely friend you back, or just leave a comment to be added. (Though I'll probably check out your LJ) The only people I'm excluding on principle are people who have a combination of the following traits: 1) I've never seen you before in fandom, and 2) you either have a brand new journal or you have an empty journal. This is simply because if I don't know anything about you, I'm not going to friend you.

Thanks for understanding! *g*

ETA: As of January 2011, I have transferred all my journal entries and fiction over to dreamwidth.org. I will still be cross posting to LJ, but DW will be hosting all my new content. If you are on my flist or interested in adding me, let me know what your dw username is and I'll add you there.
So I've never been shy about discussing the night in college that I was roofied, and I'm sure I've at least mentioned it in passing on my journal and possibly in other journals on my flist, but as far as I can recall I've never sat down and made a post describing what happened (and what didn't happen, thank God) that night, and how the experience has affected me. But the events of the last several weeks and my emotional reaction to them has made it clear that now's the time to do that, if for no other reason than that it will help me get a handle on why it's suddenly affecting me in a way it never has in the past ten years. Cut for my personal account of real life attempted sexual assault, please don't read if the subject might be triggery for you.Collapse )

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I think I neglected to mention how incredibly bad I am with names, so if you could please also PM me or something with your name so I remember who you are, THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC! ♥

(incapricious, would you mind pointing people over here? Since I'm not sure who I told my LJ name to and not. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ♥)

★Merlin/Arthur Magical Reveal Meme★

Merlin/Arthur Magical Reveal Meme

This meme is all about NOT keeping the magic a secret! \o/ Everyone's thought about what The Reveal will be like, but why wait for the writers to get off their lazy backsides when we can do it ourselves? Whether or not we get a magical reveal this series, we WILL be getting a magical reveal right here, right now. Lots and lots of different reveals, so enjoy letting this cat out of the bag! ♥

The rules:
1. Slash, preslash, and gen fanworks are all welcome, as long as the focus is on Merlin and Arthur and a MAGICAL REVEAL!
2. Fic, artwork, and prompts are welcome, but if you would like to leave a prompt, please also fill a prompt, if possible. (Obviously, this isn't a requirement, but it is very much appreciated! ♥)
3. Write your Magical reveal in the comments below. Please don't link back to your journal.
4. One ficlet, artwork, or prompt per comment. (This must be YOUR ORIGINAL WORK, please.)
5. This is a SPOILER FREE ZONE. If you've heard of any spoilers regarding a possible magical reveal on the show, or if your work includes spoilers for any unaired episodes, please include a spoiler warning in your header! (If you'd also like to warn for episodes that have already aired, you're welcome to do so, but it's not required.)

If you like the idea, please pimp this on your journal, using the text inside the box below:

Or, if you prefer to pimp without the pic:


Reveal - a drabble by hobnailedboots
Part of Me by hermette (WIP)
writing your own future by mizzy2k
Gold by skuares
Strange Winds by rufflefeather
4x3 reveal by theblackrose16 (WIP)
He would do anything for Arthur by roamercorridors
Expectations by lady_ragnell
Whiskers (spoilers for series 4) by flypaw
Poem: Unspoken Seconds by cecilegrey
Belong by jazzy_peaches
Untitled drabble by jazzy_peaches
Unnatural Halt by lolafeist
Changing Perceptions by roamercorridors
Bill and Ted Crash Camelot by roamercorridors
Vid: Wolves by merlenhiver
Pendragon by skuares
Answers by minuialeth

4x3 reveal
Merlin outed by another sorcerer
last resort
Arthur sees Merlin change into/from Dragoon
post-reveal, still resentful Arthur saving Merlin
spoilers for the rest of this Merlin season
Merlin accidentally reveals his magic while in bed with Arthur :D
Spoilers for end of season 4
Agravaine outs Merlin
Merlin is outed by someone from the future

Recs thread

24-Hour Word War

For those of you who've hung around my journal recently, you know that I like to have "word wars" as a way of motivating myself to write. And then earlier this week, hermette mentioned the idea of a 24-hour word war, and the idea stuck in my head!

For those of you who have never heard of a word war before, the idea is simple: you write for a designated amount of time, (like a half hour, for example,) and then at the end, you and your fellow writers compare the amount of words you managed to write in that time. It's not really a competition so much as a way to hold yourself accountable and keep yourself from being distracted while writing. Usually, I just poke people over gchat or twitter and challenge them to a word war, but since this is all "official" and stuff, I'm going to try things a little differently.

The rules are:
1. Each round is ONE HOUR. You are welcome to join rounds late or leave rounds early. This really isn't as structured as it looks. ;)
2. Below I have already started threads for each round. Each thread lists the time each round starts and stops, based on GMT. (If you want to know the current GMT, here is a clock showing GMT and here is a map showing world time zones.)
3. Comment on the thread for the current GMT time, letting people know you're joining that round. If you like, you can leave your starting word count, or maybe mention your goal for how many words you hope to write for that round.
4. At the end of each round, post how many words you wrote for that round. Some people will have a lot, some might have none, but please remember to play nice and be encouraging to each other.
5. Feel free to play around in the comments as well, not just post word counts! If you want to gripe about being stuck on a particular scene or brainstorm strategies with other people in your round, go for it! Like I said, this is really not as structured as it looks. ♥

And feel free to pimp! \o/

Defeating Writer's Block, one word at a time...

Merlin version:

H50, Inception, and text-only versions under the cutCollapse )

So, I was going to post this earlier tonight, but then BRADLEY AND COLIN'S EPIC DATE NIGHT happened, and somehow I didn't get around to it. SHOCKING, I KNOW.

Anyway, [profile] wldcatsprstr_14 and I were talking earlier, and apparently we both have this same problem of having our writing muses freeze up in terror whenever we start to worry that what we write isn't going to live up to people's expectations, and I wanted to open a dialogue about that and see what other people have to say.

Be forewarned: I'm going to be perfectly blunt on my own opinion of my writing. I'm not saying anything here to fish for compliments or to sound arrogant, but I am going to be honest about where I feel my skills lie.Collapse )

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Vid: A Different Kind of Fairy Tale

Title: A Different Kind of Fairy Tale
Vidder: Ras Elased
Song: "That's How You Know" from the movie Enchanted
Rating: G
Genre: Humor
Warnings: Liberal use of ironic lyrics
Summary: Their love story has all the makings of a classic fairytale...Except that Arthur isn't exactly Prince Charming. But then, Merlin isn't your typical Cinderella.
Vidders notes: Dedicated to those of us who see Arthur and Merlin's mutually antagonistic bickering as a sign of affection. ♥ Huge thanks to [profile] ocelotspots for the beta and assuaging my fears when I got super-finicky about my new vidding program. *hugs*

A Different Kind of Fairy Tale from Ras Elased on Vimeo.

Also streaming on YouTube

Vimeo mp4 download

MU links:
wmv (41.9 MB) | mp4 (60.4 MB)

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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (are there actually any gentlemen on my flist? ANY?) we are now exactly TWO WEEKS from Halloween (and, consequently, AMC's new zombie apocalypse series). UPDATE: I am not any closer to finishing my costume than I was a month ago, but I am NOT THINKING ABOUT THAT, LALALALALA. Because I am going on a ZOMBIE SAFARI this weekend!!! I GET TO RIDE AROUND IN THE BACK OF A TRUCK AND SHOOT ZOMBIES WITH A PAINTBALL GUN.


But, because I do not want you to feel horribly underprivileged, and because I'm awesome like that, I have assembled a handful of ZOMBIE fics of the Merlin persuasion, with a bit of Vampire fics thrown in for good measure. Because it's Halloween, and HALLOWEEN = AWESOME MAGIC HAPPY FUNTIMES.


Behold, in no particular order:

zombies will never hurt you (yeah right) by [personal profile] kelene

A Cautionary Tale About Tomatoes (and zombies) by [personal profile] netgirl_y2k

ETA: A cautionary tale (the stand alone remix) by [personal profile] thisissirius

Undead by [profile] lassiterfics

If You Were The Last Man On Earth by [profile] definewisdom

Abide With Me by [personal profile] stripedpetunia

Bradley James' Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse: The Mall Edition by [personal profile] giselleslash

The One Where Merlin Thinks Gaius Is A Zombie by [personal profile] mcgooglykins

And, for further zombie!fic of the non-Merlin variety: Zombie comment ficathon!

And if you're into vampires:

Scent 'verse by [personal profile] toestastegood

Hunter's Blood by shadecat

From Darkness Comes Light by [personal profile] beren_writes

Fulcrum (HP crossover) by [personal profile] beren_writes

Do you know of a zombie fic/artwork/other coolness that I left off the list? PIMP YOUR BRAINS HEARTS OUT IN THE COMMENTS. I am always desperate for more zombie fic. Or, if you are feeling particularly generous, I AM NOT OPPOSED TO ZOMBIE COMMENT!FIC. OR JUST PROMPTS FOR ZOMBIE FIC THAT YOU HOPE SOMEONE WILL FILL. IT IS ALL GOOD, AS LONG AS ZOMBIES ARE INVOLVED. It doesn't even have to be Merlin fandom. *nudges Inception fandom, because the world needs Arthur/Eames zombie!fic*

(Post is not flocked, because everyone deserves the goodness of zombies in their lives! Feel free to pimp if you so desire.)

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Merlin/Arthur Kiss Meme 2!

♥ Merlin/Arthur Kiss Meme II ♥

This meme is all about Merlin/Arthur kisses! \o/ Lots and lots of kisses! Be they sweet and fluffy, hot and dirty, or just necking like teenagers, any kisses are welcome! The more the better!

The rules:
1. No porn (that's what the kink meme is for), just kisses!
2. Write your Merlin/Arthur kisses in the comments below. Please don't link back to your journal.
3. One kissing ficlet or artwork per comment. (This must be YOUR ORIGINAL WORK, please.)
4. Let the snogging begin!

If you like the idea, please pimp this on your journal, using the text inside the box below:

Or, without the font color change, if you prefer:

Also, check out last year's Kiss Meme!


untitled fluff by fatchickengirl
Some winter kissing by anonymous
The Waiting Tree by ras_elased
All the Love in My Lips- American high school AU by wanderhomeagain
.a breakable thread {SPOILERS FOR 3x01/3x02} by thisissirius
Smug Arthur (art) by nicci_mac
untitled by allira_dream
untitled smooches, school au by leashy_bebes
4 kisses in time (art) by yue_ix
On Your Toes by shesashewolf
Master Shot by rotrude
The Eve of Battle (art) by nicci_mac
Counting Kisses by sleepy_orange
untitled by beautifvl_flaw
Small Comfort (art) by zephre
they'll name a city after us by copperiisulfate
Eleven hours of running after a single stag, isn't that a little excessive, even for you? by dornfelder
a glimpse at weekday mornings [modern au] by lb_x


So, I'm in the middle of uploading my newly acquired awesome Rachel Maddow icons, I reach #91 of my possible 120, AND THE FUCKING THING SHUTS DOWN MY ICONS AND TELLS ME MY MAX IS NOW 50. So even though I PAID FOR 12 MONTHS EXTRA ICON SPACE IN NOVEMBER OF LAST YEAR, I now have less than half of the actual amount of icons I should. THIS SUCKS.

Anything like this ever happened to anyone else? What did you do to get your icons back?

ETA: FIXED. WOW, THAT WAS FAST. I'm still pissed at LJ, tho.