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Cor Leonis

It's like a crack van exploded on an entire city of drunkards.

Ras Elased
25 July 1981
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This journal was first used primarily to post my McShep slash fanfic, my OTP in the SGA fandom, but has since grown to include my new OTPs (Wincest, J2, and most recently Merlin/Arthur) and the mundane, pointless ramblings of my life. I've been writing slash for about 4 years. At any given moment I will have upwards of ten WIPs in progress at one time. I recently got sucked into Merlin (BBC), so I'm sort of obsessed with Merlin/Arthur slash fic right now...

Feel free to friend me! This is a friends only journal, and you can read my friending policy on a sticky post in my journal.

About me: I'm 28 years old with BS degrees in biology and secondary education, and a MS in Forensic Science. I have a healthy love for writing, just not a lot of time to devote to it. I occasionally delude myself into thinking I could do it for a living, and I'm currently toying with a few ideas for my first original novel. I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing, and concrit is more than welcome. I'm an unrepentant fangirl, and the only thing I love more than fandom is my spoiled-rotten bulldog puppy, Bowser. ;)